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Deacon Member's Family Groups

The purpose of the Deacon's Ministry is to serve the Lord and Church by assisting the Pastor in meeting the spiritual and physical needs of the Church.  The Deacons assist by caring for the poor, sick, preparing and administering the ordinances, serving the Communion and Baptism; and ministering to the spiritual interests of families in the Church and Community.

Jesus' life is the model for the Deacons.  In Mark 10:45,  Jesus said, " I came not to be served, but to serve."  Our Deacons exist to serve God and the Church.  

Every member of the congregation is assigned to a Deacon.  If you need to speak with a church official, you are encouraged to begin with a your assigned Deacon.  He can direct you to the appropriate person(s) to help.  The membership has been assigned alphabetically by last name as entered in our church's membership system.

Honor God

"Honor the Lord with your wealth, with the first fruits of all your crops."  Proverbs 3:9 NIV

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Prove the TITHE 

"Bring the full tithe into the storehouse that there may be food in my house.  And thereby put me to the tests, says the Lord of hosts.  If I will not open the windows of heaven for you and pour down a blessing ... "  Malachi 3:10

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This Week's News

- Wednesday's Praise Dance
- Rehearsals at 06:00 PM

- Bible Study at 11:00 AM  and 07:00 PM

- 12/14:  Prepare Homeless Food bags

-12/15:  Distribute Food Bags for the Homes.

- 12/15:  MPBC Christmas Social

- 12/23:  Christmas Worship Service is 10 AM


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Ministry Help Needed

The Social Services Ministry is seeking volunteers.  Contact Minister Naomi Brown

The Congregational Care Ministry is seeking volunteers for help with rides to doctors and visitation.  Contact Deacon Julious Scott.

The First Aid Ministry is looking for volunteers.  Contact Deacon Pete Dunn.  

Notes in Pocket: need volunteers Monday - Thursday in 1-4 hour shifts.  Location:  5100 Lacy Avenue, Raleigh NC Register online

 Services and Activities

Please the Newsletter,  Events Page, and Facebook  for December Events and Activities.

The Mount Trailblazer Ministry is collecting items for the Christmas Stocking List.  Please see a copy of the Newsletter above to contribute.

Youth Ministry:  STOMP out bullying and STAND up for victims.  Support the youth by purchasing wrist bands and T-shirts.  A wrist band - Recognize HIM, Decide to Follow HIM, Activate Faith in HIM.  Please Contact Minister Michael Barrow for details.

Important Church Notices

Please join Mount Pleasant Baptist Church and the Capital City Young Marines for a special Veteran Day worship serve.  Veterans Day 2018 celebrates the 100th anniversary.  This year we will honor our special guest, The Raleigh Chapter of the 369th Veteran's  Association, Inc. 

Welcome and celebrate those who have served our Armed Forces. 

Upcoming Calendar Messages

Annual Budget Planning:  

Oct 13:  Ministry Leader's Workshop - Budgets presented and tools 
                    tools discussions.

Dec 07:    Annual Church's Members Conference

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10720 Falls  of Neuse Road

Raleigh, North Carolina 27614


Church Phone:  (919) 847-8567
Voice Mail:  (919) 578-7466
[email protected]


Sunday School:   09:45 AM

Sunday Worship:  11:00 AM

Wed Bible Study 11:00 AM & 07:30 PM